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Believe it or not, a major challenge for cutting edge research is access to data. The data you donate will be used by scientists and researchers to further scientific understanding of mental and emotional health. If you are a suicide loss survivor, a person with lived experience of suicidal thoughts or attempts, or if you just want to help, please share your data and/or the data of a loved one. You can help by sharing what you know, your data helps.

OurDataHelps is powered by Qntfy, a company staffed by data scientists and experts in suicide prevention. We are dedicated to understanding the inevitable two questions that surround all deaths by suicide: "Why?” and “How can we prevent this from happening to others?”

Until recently, there was no good way to find the answers to those questions. We now have one of the first promising opportunities to understand why an individual may die by suicide and how we can best help those currently at risk. For the first time, there is data that will help us answer these questions: many people who died by suicide were active on social media, and their social media history can provide a greater understanding of why it happened and how we can help others.

Giving researchers access to your social media, fitness tracker, or wearable sensor data could change the scope of human knowledge about mental health. In the case of data donated by loved ones that belonged to those lost to suicide, their data can help discover subtle patterns in their language and activity that might one day help save the lives of others. In the case of survivors, those with lived experience and loved ones, we might discover ways to improve resilience or find crucial life saving patterns we can’t yet imagine.

The data we collect is limited to public posts and messages typically visible to friends and family on the various social networks (as well as fitness tracking). If you choose to donate your data or the data of a deceased loved one, we will use it to build a state of the art, first of its kind system to help those with lived experience, suicide loss survivors, their families, their communities, their doctors, and their healthcare systems prevent suicide.

We will never sell this data. If you have questions about how we will protect and utilize this data, you can see our human-friendly privacy statement or contact us directly at We are glad to discuss, in detail, the respect and care we have for this data and how it can help so many people.

Please consider sharing this data with us. Your data helps.